New blog, but not exactly a new beginning

I have decided to start blogging seperately to Moving Target.  It is now a long time since I was a messenger (I briefly worked in 2005, but the last time I earned my living as a courier was in the winter of 1999 – 2000).  I have written just about everything I can think of to say about my time as a messenger on Moving Target, and am increasingly, not exactly detached, but at least distanced from the messenger scene.

This does not mean that I am quitting Moving Target, or that Moving Target is being closed down.  There is heaps of great content on Moving Target, and I hope that there will continue to be more great content posted in the near future.

I simply find that there are things that I want to say that can’t be said on Moving Target, as they aren’t messenger-specific.  Hence the new address.

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