Cat and Mutton Bridge Car Free Day, organised by Hackney Cyclists

From Hackney Cyclists web-site:

Cat and Mutton Bridge Car Free Day

What’s happening?

A one-day experiment to make Cat & Mutton canal bridge car-free, as part of European Mobility Week.


Saturday 22nd September 2012


The canal bridge just south of Broadway Market, Hackney (plus the bridge approaches).

Who’s organising this?

Hackney Living Streets (the charity that speaks up for pedestrians) and the Hackney group of the London Cycling Campaign.


Just for one day, we’d like residents and visitors to enjoy this section of street without a constant stream of motor traffic, and to consider the possibility of making the bridge permanently open to walking, cycling and buses only.

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  1. Cheers Bill. We did a follow-up survey a week after, the results of which you’ve probably seen but some of your readers may not have. Of 139 shoppers/visitors surveyed, 91% said yes to car-free every Saturday, and 67% to car-free every day. Details here:


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