Inadequate reply from TfL over “Cyclists stay back” stickers.

Leon Daniels, Managing Director, Surface Transport, Transport for London responds to a letter from Road Danger Reduction Forum, LCC, CTC, Roadpeace & others expressing concern about the ‘cyclists stay back’ stickers that have started appearing on the back of all sorts of motor vehicles, not just high-cab lorries: “I do not agree that ‘cyclists stay back’ message implies cyclists are 2nd class road users who should defer to motor vehicles”.

More on from Dr Bob on RDRF blog.

Road Danger Reduction Forum

CyclistsStayBack1 In February 2014 the Road Danger Reduction Forum, along with the London Cycling Campaign; CTC: the national cycling charity; RoadPeace: the national charity for road crash victims; and TABS: the Association of Bikeability Schemes came together to explain our concerns to, and ask for action from, Transport for London .  Last week we received a reply from TfL (see below). Because we think that this reply misunderstood the basis of our concerns, our organisations sent a reply today repeating them and suggesting ways forward, as follows:

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