bike polo

Something I wrote last summer that I adapted in view of my recent (injury-related) lay-off.

London Bike Polo

A few people have been asking me why I haven’t been at polo recently.  There are a few reasons, which I will summarise briefly:
Let’s face facts: the sport has been going down-hill since we stopped using Brick Lane. The young & ill-informed might point to the steep camber on the court, to the large gaps in the fence, the inconveniently placed goals or even to the very frequent discoveries of human faeces as good reasons to stop using the court.
To these persons, I say, huh! The large gaps in the fence facilitated that game moment now largely lost to London Polo,  namely, the Beer Break.  The ball would go under the fence, shoot off down Shacklewell Street towards Cambridge Heath, and we’d all stop for a refreshing & reviving draught of beer. By the time Yorgo had returned with the ball (yes, Yorgo was our ball boy)…

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I threw together this google map for the London Open Bike Polo Tournament.  I wanted to give people some pointers to places that we know and like.  It’s not supposed to be comprehensive, and it’s very Hackney-centric.