Another side of Autogeddon: ‘Parking Is Hell’ from Freakonomics Radio

I’m a regular listener to the Freakonomics podcast, much to the disgust of my good friend and sometimes team-mate, Dr. Matt Vidal, a lecturer in sociology who generally despises economics.  I listen critically, and sometimes come across stuff like this, which is an interesting discussion of parking provision in the United States, with contributions from a Professor ‘obsessed’ by parking by the name of Donald Shoup.  I was especially engaged by this sentence: the right price for kerb parking is the lowest price that a city can charge and still leave one or two spots free on each block so that nobody can say ‘it’s too hard to find a space’ because whereever they go they can see a space.

The man is obviously a kerb nerd, but of an entirely different species to those that I have previously encountered.