Monthly Archives: November 2014

If you haven’t read about it somewhere else, reports from Boston suggest that Lucas Brunelle was the victim of an assault by a cab driver after a traffic incident.  As you may or may not know, Lucas Brunelle has achieved some notoriety by filming cyclists using the public roads as a race-track.  The films that he has cut from this footage have been widely disseminated via various forums, including the Bicycle Film Festival & the internet., in their article about the assault and preceding traffic incident, highlighted Lucas’ films and my criticism of them.

I have had my disagreements with Lucas Brunelle about his desire to publicise these races, which is a matter of public record, as referred to in the piece.  I think the linking of Lucas’ films to this incident is highly tendentious and not relevant.  The comments below the various articles posted about the incident are pretty terrifying, suggesting more or less that Lucas had it coming.

The idea that Lucas deserved to get what, judging from the photos taken in court at the cab driver’s court appearance, looks to be a more or less a serious beating, because he posted some films of cyclists doing ‘bad stuff’ on the internet is, in my view, completely wrong.

I wish Lucas Brunelle all the best, and I hope that everyone involved in the incident heals up soon.